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Identifying Your Personal Values

By kim | February 19, 2024

Defining your personal values can be a pivotal step in helping you assess your priorities and path forward. By examining past moments of meaning and satisfaction, you identify the non-negotiables that define who you are. This clarity empowers you to choose fulfilling careers, prioritize genuine relationships, and navigate personal and professional decisions with confidence. Using […]

Communication Plan Template

By kim | December 15, 2023

A communications plan is valuable for any situation where effective communication is critical to achieving your goals. Use this template for providing direction, efficiency and positive outcomes.

Leadership Philosophy Activity

By kim | December 15, 2023

Define your leadership philosophy, unleash your potential. This activity will get you thinking about the qualities you value in a leader and help you pinpoint your leadership philosophy.

Stakeholder Analysis

By kim | December 15, 2023

By identifying the stakeholders that have an influence in achieving a desired goal and considering their perspectives, you can work strategically to both support that stakeholder and achieve your goals.

Individual Development Guide

By kim | December 15, 2023

I’m so excited to share this Development Guide with you.  It’s a great tool that will help you map out specific actions you can take to reach your personal or professional development goal.   This is a fillable PDF so you can complete it electronically or print it out if you’d prefer to work from a paper copy.  Use it in the way […]