Kim Van Lue


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Meet Kim

I’ve had the opportunity to lead teams for more than 20 years in a wide variety of environments.  I’ve learned from some incredible mentors who taught me how to gain trust, manage competing priorities, address conflict in healthy, productive ways, make decisions despite insufficient or incomplete information, and motivate others around a common vision.

Of course, not all of my leaders were role models in what great leadership looks like and not all environments were examples of thriving cultures. 

Sometimes, my leaders or organizations were teaching me what not to do.  I’ve experienced firsthand how great leadership can act as rocket fuel propelling everyone on the team to new heights.  And, I know that weak leadership and toxic cultures can be soul-crushing and can drive even the most resilient talent to burnout.

Strategic Talent Partner

I’ve held executive roles in diverse organizations ranging from the VP of Talent Management for a large industrial distributor to the chief HR leader for a non-profit with a large public higher education institution. For two decades, I’ve partnered with senior leadership teams to deliver strategic HR and talent solutions that enable the business.

While it hasn’t always been easy, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of stumbles and lessons learned, I’ve managed to achieve success in every environment. From being voted employee of the year by my peers at a family-owned software company to receiving multiple CEO Awards as an executive in a Fortune 500 company, I’ve been consistently successful no matter the industry, size, ownership structure or culture.

I’ve been a culture chameleon who quickly identified the unspoken norms that were key to success in each environment. As a strategic HR leader, I’ve been eager to champion and model the healthy organizational or group norms, and other times, I’ve worked to shift or alter group norms in ways that more fully aligned with the intended business culture and outcomes.

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Drawing upon my experience in a wide variety of industries, sizes, ownership structures and cultures, I consult and coach from a base of truly understanding both the unique challenges and the commonalities that exist across organizations.

I understand the need for scale and efficiency in some cases, as well as the need to embrace flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit in others.

Get To Know Kim

Summer is my favorite season. I love enjoying time outdoors - Vitamin D all the way!

I believe in giving back to my local community, and I enjoy volunteering my time serving on the board of a local non-profit professional theatre and film company.

I love to travel and enjoy new experiences in new places. My favorite destinations are the beach and Europe.

I spend many, many weekends on the sidelines cheering on my kids’ teams in youth sports.