You’re hard-wired to achieve.

You’re always making things happen, and you’re the one others turn to when they need help. Whether you’re building a business, a team, or your career, you are dedicated to giving it your best.

Leading others is some of the most important and rewarding work you do.

When your team is working together, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. But it’s not always easy. People are wonderfully unique and sometimes complicated. When you layer on the inevitable pressures that exist in any organization as well as the unprecedented global challenges of our time, it makes leading teams more challenging than ever.

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We get it. We’ve been there.

We bring expertise in leadership and talent development with decades of experience across a wide range of industries. We’ve held leadership roles in the Fortune 500, tech start-ups and academic non-profit organizations.


We believe that work should be awesome. And, we know that is achievable with intentional investment by leaders who value their team. With our expertise, we’ll help you get there.

Our Mission

At NorthSpring, we believe that work should be enjoyable, productive, and meaningful. We believe that effective leadership is essential to achieving this goal. Our mission is to make work better by developing leaders, building high-performing teams, and creating thriving organizational cultures.

Our Values

We are committed to exemplifying the following values:

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    We stay focused and curious when delivering on desired outcomes, achieving goals through continuous improvement.

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    We use our knowledge and experience to support our clients with a spirit of service and gratitude, putting their mission at the heart of our work. 

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    We deliver high-quality work and meaningful value, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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    We find joy in our work and cultivate strong relationships with our clients and our team members, creating a positive and productive environment for everyone.

Our Team

Click on the photos to learn more about the NorthSpring team:

Kim Van Lue
CEO & Founder
Michele Haun
Business Operations Consultant
Kyrsten Kimble

Let’s work together

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what they say

Kim helped me efficiently learn about myself as a leader, and I often think of Kim when I get in a sticky organizational bind or crossroads.

She is a great listener who quickly hones in on the issue and brings a lot of order to fast-moving thinkers and doers.”


Entrusting research responsibilities to NorthSpring has proven to be a game-changer for our organization, providing a sense of relief.

Relying on Kim Van Lue's depth of knowledge and experience in HR specialty and talent management has not only saved us hours of time but has also been a cost-effective alternative to engaging with multiple firms.The collaboration has been an overall incredible work experience.”